What is your return and refund policy?

Tea Greetings:  Once your order has been place and purchased, there are no refunds on tea greetings. 

Customized Personalitea: Please contact us if you have changes or need to cancel your order. If it has not been processed yet we will be happy to cancel your order and provide a refund. If the order has already been produced there are no returns/refunds. If you are unhappy for any reason please contact us at mypersonaltea @ gmail.com and we will do our best to make it right for you!

For more information check our policies page.

Can you ship worldwide, outside of Canada? e.g. USA, International

At the moment we are just shipping Tea Greetings and Customized Personaliteas to Canada and the USA.  Simply enter your shipping information during checkout and rates will be calculated.  

How soon will my recipient get my tea greeting? 

Delivery time depends on the destination. 

  • Within Canada: Regular post is used so up to a week depending on where your recipient is located.
  • USA: It can take 1-2 weeks, again depending on where your recipient is located.
  • International destinations:  At the moment we are not delivering outside of Canada and the USA. I know, no tea love overseas :-(  yet. ;-)

Can I buy more than one tea greeting and send them to different addresses/recipients in one order?

No, unfortunately not.  Each order goes to one address.  You can put a different message on each tea greeting that your add to your order however, all items added to a single order will be delivered to the one address provided. 

Where or how do I choose my packaging for custom packaged tea orders?

We have a couple of different packaging sizes depending on your event, what your purpose is for the tea, how much you want to give your guests, customers etc.    

  • We have a small pouch that holds about 10g of tea, good for 4-5 8oz cups of tea or a
  • Slightly larger pouch that we can put up to 30g, but we can put whatever amount you want in it, that is good for 10-15 8oz cups of tea.*
  • Larger packaging is possible where we can hold 100-120g of tea depending on the volume of the tea.**

* We recommend 2-3 g per 8oz cup of tea.

**Some tea is “fluffier” that others taking up more space or volume.  For example matcha is a powder and doesn’t take up much room but the same weight of one of our tea blends with say lemon grass and flower petals etc may take up much more room and volume thus filling up the pouch quicker but may weigh less or the same as the matcha.

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom packaged tea orders?

Yes there is.  Please contact us to find out more.  mypersonaltea@gmail.com

Is there a word limit or character limit for the message on the tea greeting?

Excellent question!  There is a character limit of <<count the maximum number of characters that can fit on comfortably without it being too small.>>  We suggest keeping the messages shorter as the smaller the font the harder it is to see clearly when printed out and besides, the tea speaks for itself! J   

Where is the tea from?  What are the ingredients in the tea?

The tea blends are blended here in Canada.

What is a tea greeting? 

Tea greetings are amazing little things!  They are these pouches of happiness and joy that are sent to

      • someone special,
      • someone going through a tough time,
      • to someone on a special occasion
      • send them to someone you want to get to know....
      • or even to yourself!  

We could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs about tea greetings and when and what they can be used for but that may not be the best SEO strategy so we refer you to our page on tea greetings to find out more and how to send one!

What is Customized Personalitea?

My Personalitea custom packaged teas are incredible!  It’s like spreading tea love in bulk!  Say you  have an event coming up and you to show your appreciation to all the attendees in a way that they will remember you beyond the event and the after glow of the event.  What better way to do that than with something can use for awhile, like a cup of tea?  You would

  • select a tea from our tea selection,
  • and a tell us how many pouches of tea love you’d like to share with the attendees of your event,
  • the pouch size,
  • give us a logo or message you’d like to see on the pouch of tea
  • and voila! Tea love in bulk! 

There are so many situations and circumstances where tea love can be spread in bulk.  Take a look at our Customized Personalitea page for more details and examples of where a customized personalitea can be used.   

 How long will the tea last?

Tea in general will last quite awhile, years in fact. But we don’t suggest keeping it for that long.  It will go stale and have a less defined taste the longer it is stored.  However, if you do need to store it for awhile it’s best to store it in a tightly sealed container or package and away from other competing flavours and scents such as other strong teas, spices etc as there is the risk of the tea losing its aroma and flavour or picking up the aroma from other items.  The tea greeting packaging when sealed will keep your tea well preserved however we have noticed our tea greetings are never kept for very long as they are tasted and shared soon after received! 

What if I don't know anything about tea, how do I choose a tea?

No problem!  You’ve come to the right place!  We weren’t born knowing about tea either but we slowly learnt and continue to learn all the time.  What we suggest is to start by,

  • taking a look at our tea selections and choose something that speaks to you.  If you like fruity taste, then maybe a fruity tea; if you want something with a little more punch or a nuttier, smokier taste, perhaps a black or highly oxidized tea.  Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about matcha or chaga, so try that.  There is no wrong or right and with a tea greeting, send it to yourself and you’ll have the perfect sized sample to get a good feel for that particular tea. We will try and introduce a new tea (or teas) periodically throughout the year so check this page often! 
  • Our tea time talk blog is another great way to learn about tea. 
  • Join our newsletter and get tea tidbits each month. Email us at mypersonaltea @ gmail.com to join.
  • Our social media is another great way to learn about tea. Follow us on facebook or Instagram
  • If you’re really struggling to choose a tea, send us an email with your questions, a description of who you’re buying the tea greeting for or of the event you’re wanting a customized packaged order for and we’ll try and help you chose. mypersonaltea @ gmail.com 

Do you do coffee or any other beverages as greetings?

 Good question!  Yes, we’re all about spreading the tea love but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the love from coffee or hot chocolate or any other beverage.  We are looking into coffee and hot cocoa for down the road but for now our roads are full of teas leaves and tea love! 
To keep informed of any new products or events taking place, sign up to our newsletter!  Email us at mypersonaltea @ gmail.com to join.

What is tea?

This is a good question.  Tea is a hot beverage that is made by steeping tea leaves or herbs in hot water.  It's also a light meal. 

Does tea have caffeine in it?

Yes, some teas do have caffeine in them but it is significantly less than coffee.  Different types of teas have different levels of caffeine.  There is a nice little table on the caffeine level of the different types of teas in the blog post about black tea.  You will have to scroll down a bit, but it's there.

What does it mean to steep tea?

Steeping a tea means soaking the tea leaves in hot water, or cold in some cases, and letting the flavour of the leaves seep into the water.