In our gallery we will showcase everything tea.  From custom blends that you have created, one our "house" blends or tea products that no one can be without.  Enjoy! 

zomba pearls, white teaZomba pearls is a white tea. The tea is Malawi, Africa.  From what I understand the leaves are plucked, processed and wrapped into these balls that I guess are referred to as the pearls.  I thought they would open up more when brewing but they held their shape quite well. The tea itself had a nice light, smooth, fresh taste.


Imperial pu'erh teaThis is an Imperial Pu'erh tea.  It is a black tea and from what I understand, it is from teh Yunnan province in China, as are all Pu'erh teas. But the name "Imperial" comes from the tea being named after the trading post for the dark tea during Imperial China.  I like the pu'erh teas.  They have a strong, sharp taste but I don't find it has that after taste, almost bitter, that I get from black and green teas.


Assam black teaThis tea is an Assam black tea.  This particular one was a breakfast assam black tea. I'm still learning about tea, so have no idea if there is a lunch of dinner black tea.  I was told it tastes better with milk, and so it did.  I did enjoy it!



sencha kyoto green tea

 This is a sencha Kyoto green tea.  Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea. Anyway, I had this one and when I opened the bag, the colour was amazing.  The leaves were very thin and finely cut.  But then they opened up really nicely.  The colour was also really nice, sort of a yellowy grassy colour.  Not nice for a lawn, but nice for a tea.


golden nettleThis is a golden nettle tea.  Golden nettle is some plant that if you're stung by it, can be painful and dangerous but if you drink it or eat parts of it, it has many health benefits.  Seems contradictory but, it was certainly a pretty teat with the needle like leaves.  And the colour after steeping it was also very pretty.



golden nettle steepingI'm including one more picture of the golden nettle tea because I think this picture give a different view of the leaves while steeping and the light shows of the colour nicely.



milk oolongThis is a milk oolong. I still haven't figured out exactly why it's called a milk oolong except that someone at this Toronto Tea Festival told me that it was smoother in taste.  It's also known as Jin Xuan tea.

matcha set matcha latteMatcha is green tea  but the leaves are powdered. This allows you to get all of nutrients of the leaf not just the nutrients from the green tea leaves steeped in hot water.  Matcha has caffeine. What is nice about matcha compared to traditional tea is that it has a creamy texture and even more so when milk is added.  There is a decadent quality to matcha like a fine, creamy dark chocolate. 

hot chocolateSpeaking of chocolate, here is a spicy Mexican hot chocolate from Soma in Toronto.  I always love the slightly spicy taste in Mexican hot chocolates.  Not much more to say except yummy!