How do I send a tea greeting?

how to send a tea greeting

In just a few steps you can send a tea greeting and spread tea love to someone special.

1. Choose a tea.

Choose a tea from our featured teas.

Our featured teas offer a range of flavour profiles: fruity, spicy, (classic), nutty/woody, healthy, matcha.  To find out more about our featured teas have a look.

Teas coming soon!

2. Add a personalized message.

Maybe you want to let someone know you're thinking about them, or with them a happy birthday.  Perhaps your niece is graduating from  high school and you can't be there so send her a little  message and cup of tea to remember you by.  You want to let that special friend know you're thinking about them during that difficult time and can't be there to give them a hug.  A cup of warm tea is the next best thing!  And perhaps you just want to say "Hey!".  What better way to do that than with a cup of tea.  So many more reasons to send a tea greeting.  And of course, don't forget to sign it!


"I heard about your amazing news!  I wish a was there.  Here's a little token so you know I'm thinking about you!" - Mary (or whatever your name is)

"Happy birthday mom!  I  know how much you love tea so here's a little birthday gift for you!"  ~ Love Julie (or whatever your name is)

"Congratulations!  We're so proud of you!  All the best in your future endeavours!" - Love grandma and grandpa

"I'm sorry to hear about your father.  Our sympathies are with your and your family." ~ warmest wishes John

"Hey!  I saw this and thought of you! Enjoy!" ~ Brad

Use your imagination.  The possibilities are endless!  For more examples take a look at our tea wisdom.

3. Tell us where to deliver your tea greeting.

We can deliver your tea greeting directly to your recipient or to whatever address you like.  Just tell us where at check out.   At the moment we are delivering to Canada and the US.  Shipping rates will apply. 

 4. Voila!  One more happy person with tea!


Have a look at our featured teas and send a tea greeting today!