Tea Greetings

Tea Greetings are great!  They are little pouches of pure joy and happiness sent to whomever you want with a personalized message from you!   

How does it work?

tea greetings. Easy as 1, 2, tea!

  1. You choose the tea.
  2. Add a personalized message.
  3. We deliver the tea to your recipient and ....
  4. and voila!  You have just sent a tea greeting and spread a cup of happiness and joy to one more person!

Check here to get more details on how to send a tea greeting.

Our tea greetings are little pouches of tea from our featured teas.  The amount tea sent is approximately 20g of tea depending on the tea type and volume of the tea.  As a result the prices may differ slightly depending on the featured tea you choose.  The powders and some of our more exotic teas are a little more expensive but can you really put a price on happiness and joy?  More details can be found on our tea greetings page.

Greeting cards get  read once, maybe put on a bookcase and displayed for a short period of time, then put away in a drawer, closet or box somewhere never to be looked at again.  A tea greeting is more than that.  About 2g - 3g of lose leaf tea is needed to make one cup of tea.  So in a tea greeting pouch of 20g of lose leaf tea you have at least 7-10 cups of tea.  That is 7-10 times that lucky special someone that you spread happiness and joy to gets to read your wonderful message and think about your while sipping their cup of tea. 

The entire event surrounding tea is a  wonderful, feel good experience.  Starting with boiling the water, putting your loose leaf tea in your cup, letting your tea steep and then enjoying the flavours one sip at a time.  Tea forces us to slow down and take a moment for ourselves.  With a tea greeting you will be giving someone special and that very opportunity to slow down and take some time for themselves.  And they will be sharing that moment with you by thinking about you each time they reach for their tea greeting.


Have a look at our featured teas and send a little pouch of happiness and joy to someone special today!